Appointment Shopping at Mattress Lot

Safe Shopping at Mattress Lot

Open Daily 11am – 6pm

Facemasks Are Appreciated But Not Required


  • Please keep children close to you at all times.
  • Pillow slips provided for sampling pillows and mattresses.
  • By entering our shop, you certify that you are healthy: no coughing, no fever, runny nose or other Covid-like symptoms. If you display any of these symptoms inside our shop, we may ask you to finish up your shopping on another day.
  • All Mattress Lot team members are vaccinated and boostered.


  • No-contact door drop off available.
  • Facemaks are appreciated but not required for customers and delivery people before enter your home.
  • Customers must clear a path allowing for fast movement inside your home.
  • Children and pets must be limited to an area of your home where they will NOT come in contact with our team members.
  • Our team members will not move furniture or assist in clearing a path into and out of the bedroom.