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Commitment to Sustainability

Our passion for the environmental and social health of our customers, team members and community drives our commitment to sustainability. At Mattress Lot our commitment to sustainability takes on several different features including:

Locally Sourced Products

Around 80% of the products we sell are manufactured right here in Oregon and Washington. This creates local jobs and reinvestment in the region we serve. We carry more locally produced mattresses than any other Portland retailer.

Eco-Safe Materials in our Mattresses

We only do business with mattress-makers who can provide certification through Oeko-Tek and Certi Pur US that their mattresses do not contain formaldehydes, PBDE’s and foam based flame retardants. We also carry a line of natural latex mattresses with organic fabrics.

Recyclable Materials

Our mattresses are made with materials that can be recycled. Foams and fabrics can be processed for use in the carpet industry. Metal springs can be melted down and sold as scrap.

Mattress Recycling and Re-use

We take away old mattresses from our customers’ homes (THIS SERVICE IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO CUSTOMERS WHO PURCHASE A NEW MATTRESS FROM MATTRESS LOT). Mattresses in decent shape will be donated to Community Warehouse for re-use by a needy family. Other mattresses will be sent to our recycling partner ECR. We never ship old mattresses to a landfill.

No Landfills Needed

We have a stringent recycling program which means we recycle 99% of all waste that we generate. Mattresses, cardboard and plastic containers are all recycled at our partner ECR.

Community Giving

It is our duty and responsibility to give back to the neighborhood and community which give so much to us. Over many years we’ve earned the support of neighbors who choose to do business with a locally owned, small retailer. In return we donate to numerous causes including: 1) mattress donations to needy families who are transitioning from homelessness or whom are in crisis 2) education and college scholarships 3) Youth athletics, music and arts.

Transparency & Integrity

We do not make claims or promises we can’t deliver on. Our prices are clearly marked. We price our mattresses at the lowest possible price in order to run our business efficiently, pay our vendors a fair price and pay a living wage to our employees. We pay our manufacturers when we receive new inventory. Unlike most furniture stores we do not carry any significant debt which means your purchase is secure and will be delivered to you regardless of business conditions.