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Memory Foam

Memory foam is said to give the “perfect” support, molding to your body so that pressure points are relieved. Often thought to sleep warm, the memory foam that we carry is constructed to release the heat. Many models are infused with a medical cooling gel. Mattress Lot has a large selection of high-quality, American-Made memory foam. Some reasons memory foam might be right for you:

• Conforms to your body as you lay on the mattress
• Pressure point relief especially for your shoulders and hips
• Minimal motion transfer – you won’t feel your partner’s movement
• Hypo-allergenic, Dust cannot build up inside a memory foam mattress.

Often thought to be too expensive, there are many competitive price points for memory foam mattresses. Our American-Made memory foam comes in a wide range of feels and densities: firm, medium, plush and soft.