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  • All sales are final. Due to the current health crisis we cannot take mattress returns. You are purchasing high quality, value priced items that we’ve tested and determined will work for our customers.
  • All products covered by manufacturer warranties. Warranty claims will be processed by Mattress Lot – however the manufacturer will have final say on warranty approvals.
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  • Mattress Lot DOES NOT share your private information with third parties. However, like all e-retailers we do process credit cards through a third-party company
  • If you pick up your mattress at Mattress Lot you accept liability for all risks involved in transporting heavy items like mattresses. Mattress Lot is not responsible for any damage to your product or injury taking place during transportation of your purchases.



Mattress Lot is located at 2406 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, Oregon 97232 USA.

Our phone number: 503 896 1072

Email:  buylocal@mattresslot.com