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Our Manufacturers

We love doing business with locally owned companies who share our values of transparency and sustainability. Our primary manufacturers are located in Oregon and Washington. In each case we have strong relationships with the owners, managers and workers at each of these manufacturers. When problems come up, we can get them resolved quickly. Every dollar we spend stays in our communities, providing jobs and investments in our local economy. Our main manufacturers are operated by people who live right here in Oregon and Washington. All of our manufacturers use Certipur Certified and Oeko-Tek Certified foams and components.

Sound Sleep Products

This company has plants in Sumner and Tacoma, Washington. This independently owned company employs around 100 people. The company is known for its continuing investment in advanced comfort components. Sound Sleep is a leader in mitigating textile waste at its plants. Sound Sleep contributes a wide range of mattress to Mattress Lot including the high-end Spa line, hybrid latex models and a selection of pocket-coil mattresses.

Oregon Mattress

Oregon Mattress was founded in Portland in the 1930’s and has remained independently owned ever since. The company manufactures mattresses at their plant in Newberg, Oregon. . Oregon Mattress employs around 50 people. Mattress Lot has worked with Oregon Mattress to create a series of pocket-coil mattresses, memory foam and hybrid latex mattresses.

45th Street Bedding

This Seattle based company provides Mattress Lot with a selection of all-natural latex mattresses. The owners of 45th St. have a strong connection to a latex-maker in Vietnam. 45th bought several molds that are used on-site in Vietnam to create the latex portions of their mattresses. The final products are produced in Seattle and Sumner.

Easy Rest

Easy Rest manufactures a series of hybrid latex mattresses at their facility in Portland. Easy Rest employs 10 people in Portland.

Organic Mattress, Inc 

OMI operates America’s only 100 percent certified organic mattress factory.  Located in Northern California, OMI only uses natural and organic components in creating the most luxurious, comfortable organic mattresses in America.  OMI’s  primary materials include organic latex, organic cotton and organic wool.  Period.