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Mattress Lot has Oregon’s largest selection of Pacific Northwest – made latex mattresses. Latex is known to give superior support and is the most durable mattress material there is. In its’ purest form, latex is liquid rubber tapped from rubber trees. Rubber trees typically grow in South-East Asia and Brazil. The latex is tapped from the trees and poured into molds to form mattresses. Latex mattresses are known for:

Benefits of latex include:

    • Natural & Eco-Friendly
    • Durability
    • Neutral temperature
    • Minimal motion transfer – you won’t feel you partner’s movement
    • Hypo-allergenic. Dust cannot build up inside a latex foam mattress


Manufactured by 45th Street bedding in Seattle, our natural latex mattresses have no man-made additives and are petro-free. We offer a variety of different feels from firm to plush. And we have several models with certified organic cotton, natural wool and of course, all-natural latex. Our natural latex mattresses have single-pour latex cores with no added glue for a consistent feel. This means a luxurious feel for unsurpassed support and comfort.