Keeping it Local for Portland Students: 2020 Scholarships

We started our scholarship program in 2015 with one scholarship for a Grant High student. Since then we’ve grown our scholarship donations to include an $8000 scholarship and multiple $1000 scholarships in 2020. These are your local dollars staying in our community helping our students go to college. Since 2015 Mattress Lot has contributed $30,000 to help East-Side students go to college.

We believe education is critical to building equity and success for the students and neighborhoods we serve in East-Portland.

A special shout-out to Andrew Vo-Nguyen. Seen here with his mom. Andrew graduated from Madison High in June 2020. He earned an $8000 Mattress Lot Scholarship for his outstanding academics, community service and our committee recognized that he worked 20 hours a week to save for college and help support his family.

Congratulations to all of the 2020 Mattress Lot Scholars.

Here are the 20200 Mattress Lot Scholars: