Mattress Recycling

Mattress Lot is committed to keeping old mattresses out of landfills. We offer mattress recycling to our customers who need their old mattress removed at time of delivery. Instead of going to a landfill, we take your old mattress to one of two places: 1) If your mattress is in really good condition we send it to Community Warehouse who in turns gives it to a needy family; or 2) we send it to a local recycler called Environmental Conscious Recycling.

Every year we divert at least 75,000 pounds of waste away from landfills through our recycling efforts. We recycle or re-purpose 99% of the waste we produce including mattresses, cardboard and plastic bags. All of the materials are sorted and recycled.

Industry experts estimate that Americans send 20 million mattresses and foundations to landfills. That’s a huge amount of wasted materials that are ripe for recycling. Mattress components include metal springs, foams and fabrics. Foundations include lumber and fabrics. Virtually all of this material can be recycled. The metal springs are melted down and sold as scrap metal. The foams and fabrics are grinded up and used in the carpet industry. The lumber is turned into wood chips for use in various industries. And the plastic and cardboard containers can all be recycled for various uses.

Many of the mattresses we remove from customers’ homes are in good enough shape to be re-used by needy families. We have a long standing partnership with Community Warehouse in NE Portland. Community Warehouse accepts many of our customers’ used mattresses and in turn gives them to needy families and to people in crisis. Founded in 2001, Community Warehouse serves more than 8000 individuals each year. Clients include battered women seeking shelter, homeless people moving into housing, refugees/migrants and families living on the edge who need a helping hand. Community Warehouse works with 200 social service agencies around Portland to ensure that mattresses and furnishings get to Portland’s neediest families and individuals (Mattress Lot also donates a large number of brand new mattresses and frames to Community Warehouse).

The City of Portland, Oregon awarded Mattress Lot its Gold Level Certification for sustainability in part due to our mattress recycling efforts.

Some additional information about our Mattress Recycling/Re-Use program:

  • Available for Mattress Lot customers only
  • We inspect all mattresses before removing them from customers’ homes: mattresses cannot have stains, moisture, mold or contamination of any kind (Mattress Lot delivery experts are trained to make sure we only accept mattresses that do not pose a safety or health risk)
  • Mattresses are sealed in plastic before removal from your home
  • There is usually a small fee to take away your old mattress